The party is almost complete!

After four months on Early Access M2H’s next title, party game Marooners is approaching its final release. With only one big update remaining M2H released an early access recap video that shows the games progress since it’s Early Access launch.  

In Marooners you play a mix of party (mini)games simultaneously, switching back and forth between games. The creative use of intermittent minigames and it featuring both offline and online multiplayer capability make Marooners a one of a kind party game. Marooners is available on Steam and the Humble store.


Since it’s Early Access release March 2016 M2H has been updating the game every week. They have released a video that summarizes all updates (see link).

New since original Steam Early Access release:

  • Four characters to unlock: Mauya, Sven, Chumpi, Imi
  • Four minigames: Icy Isles, Crushing Chasm, Brimstone Basin,  Mines of Mayhem
  • Two bonus games: Devil’s Drop and Crystal Cave
  • Added over 30 unlockable weapons
  • A new treasure map to switch between the intermittent minigames
  • Completely new SFX, music and every character now has a unique voice over
  • Voice chat and regular chat
  • Integrated Steam Leaderboards, Achievements, Trading cards and Stats
  • Ghosts feature: dead players can continue playing
  • Full controller support and customization
  • Performance and network optimizations
  • New GUI and main menu art
  • All minigames now feature instructions and better tweaking

Before Marooners will leave Early Access there will be a few more updates. The biggest feature which will be added in August is a completely new game mode (working title ‘Arena’). Arena features more unique levels in which the players battle each other. M2H has planned several more smaller features and is also actively listening to community feedback. As a thank you to the community all players who got the game before full release will be rewarded with an exclusive weapon.


  • Marooners is a local/online multiplayer party game by M2H
  • The game is available on Early Access right now priced at 12,99 USD / 12,99 EUR.
  • There will be a few more updates until release, the biggest is in August featuring a completely new game mode
  • Marooners was national winner of the GGJ Netherlands 2015 and M2H‘s next game after Verdun



M2H is a veteran when it comes to developing games. In 2009, the brothers Matt and Mike Hergaarden founded their studio, focusing on 3D Unity multiplayer games as their specialization. This challenging approach resulted in many successful Android, iOS, Web and Standalone games. Their mobile games have been downloaded more than 30 million times already and their web portal Wooglie.com, which hosts third-party Unity games as well as their own self-developed games, has over 2 million unique monthly visitors.

M2H is currently working on Verdun and Marooners. Verdun has attracted over 425,000 players and won several awards including: IndieDB Editors Choice; Best Multiplayer 2015, Best Economic Achievement Award 2015, Control Industry Award 2015, the NWTV award; Best Dutch game 2014 and #5 Top Upcoming Indie Games of 2014 as voted by the IndieDB community.

For more information visit www.M2H.nl.