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We use the Unity engine for our game development. Most of our resources are available on the Unity asset store, view our publisher page.

Projects / Examples / Tutorials

Ultimate Unity Networking project
This tutorial teaches you all you need to know about the Unity networking starting from the very basics.
Available on the Unity Asset Store Download
Unity forum topic

M2HPatcher: the Unity patching solution
Patcher for your Unity game, one click deployment (auto zipping, uploading and distribution of your build)
Documentation (pdf) - Video showcase - Unity forum topic

Replay project in Unity
A Unity implementation of in-game rewinding and replays.
Documentation (pdf) - Webplayer demo

M2HCulling: an occlusion culling system
A document describing Unity game optimization combined with a free culling system that automatically culls objects. While Unity has a built in occlusion system now, M2HCulling is much more simplistic and controllable.
Available for free on the Unity Asset Store Download
Document (pdf) - Unity forum topic

Unity game examples in C#
5 unity minigames as introduction to unity scripting.
Available for free on the Unity Asset Store Download
Webplayer - Unity forum topic

User customizable virtual worlds
A document describing the technical and community aspects of Cubelands.

Introduction to (Unity) shaders
A beginners manual explaining shaders. Contains all links you need to get started in Unity.

House of the Future example
This example project showcases some multimedia features.
Webplayer - Project folder - Unity forum topic

Domino builder example
This example showcases a building/simulation game.
Document(pdf) - Project folder - Unity forum topic


Localiztion package for Unity
The one and only solution for localizing your games. (Automatic) text translation, assets translations and more.
Available on the Unity Asset Store Download

UnityScript/Javascript to C# converter
A tool to help quickly converting your scripts from javascript to C#.
Available on the Unity Asset Store Download
Online C# converter - outdated

C# to Online UnityScript/Javascript converter
A tool to aid you in converting your scripts from C# to javascript.
Available on the Unity Asset Store Download

Detect hardware
Quickly check hardware statistics or let a client copy&paste it to you.

Unity code obfuscator
Obfuscate your code making code extraction pretty much useless.
Available on the Unity Asset Store Download

Code snippets

JSON import&export script
Import and/or export JSON strings to/from unity (uses Hashtables).

LOD meshfilter script
Dynamicly change meshes based on their distance (Mipmapping should already take care of your textures).