M2H releases game trailer, release date and launch events for party game


M2H’s next title, party game Marooners, is scheduled for full release on Steam September 15th. Today they also reveal the new game trailer (https://youtu.be/GHuvqZVQWBs).

As part of the launch’s celebration, M2H hosts various promotional events. Most noteworthy: by playing the game for over one hour you unlock a free copy of the game to gift to a friend.



  • Marooners is a local and online multiplayer party game by M2H.
  • The game is successfully leaving Steam Early Access on September 15th, priced at 12,99 USD / 12,99 EUR.
  • Players can unlock a free copy of the game to gift to friends, simply by playing the game.
  • There have been many updates during Early Access, most recently in the form of the Arena game mode.
  • Marooners was national winner of the Global Game Jam Netherlands 2015 and is M2H’s next game after Verdun.


About Marooners

In Marooners you play a mix of party minigames, switching back and forth between them. This unique mechanic, combined with local and online multiplayer options for up to six players, make Marooners a one of a kind party game. Marooners is available on Steam and the Humble store.

The new game trailer is available on Youtube



Game launch


The in-game free steam key reward feature

Every player can unlock an extra copy of the game by actively playing for over one hour. This Steam key is the ideal invitation to play Marooners together with friends.

Specifically, only the in-game time while playing counts towards this requirement. Once a full hour is played, players will receive a Steam key in the game’s main menu.

Starting today, all players that buy or have bought the game during Early Access receive the exclusive golden “Wrench of Early Access” weapon as a token of gratitude from the developers.

On the game’s launch day the community can unlock a number of new weapons together: all of the new weapons will require the community to do something different based on the global game stats. The community will have to slap or steal coins thousands of times in order to unlock the “Plump Plumber’s Plunger” and other weapons.


Early Access

Since its Early Access release in March 2016 M2H has been updating the game every week. They recently released a video that summarizes all of the updates. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05ojvch78bE).

New since the Steam Early Access release:

  • Arena game mode
  • Four characters to unlock: Mauya, Sven, Chumpi, Imi
  • Four minigames: Icy Isles, Crushing Chasm, Brimstone Basin,  Mines of Mayhem
  • Two bonus games: Devil’s Drop and Crystal Cave
  • Added over 30 unlockable weapons
  • A treasure map showing the various minigames during a switch
  • New SFX and music, and voice acting for every character
  • Voice chat and text chat
  • Integrated Steam Leaderboards, Achievements, Trading cards and Stats
  • Ghosts feature: dead players can continue playing
  • Full controller support and customization
  • Full localization in 10 languages
  • Performance and network optimizations
  • New GUI and main menu art
  • Improved balancing and instructions for all minigames


About M2H

In 2009, the brothers Matt and Mike Hergaarden founded their studio, specializing in 3D Unity multiplayer games. M2H is currently working on Verdun and Marooners.

Verdun has attracted over 500,000 players and won several awards including: IndieDB Editors Choice; Best Multiplayer 2015, Best Economic Achievement Award 2015, Control Industry Award 2015, the NWTV award; Best Dutch game 2014 and #5 Top Upcoming Indie Games of 2014 as voted by the IndieDB community. Earlier this week M2H has successfully launched Verdun on PS4 and Xbox One is coming soon.

For more information visit www.M2H.nl.



Marooners press page: http://www.m2h.nl/marooners/

Steam store: http://store.steampowered.com/app/423810/

Humble store (four pack): https://www.humblebundle.com/store/search/search/m2h

Game trailer: https://youtu.be/GHuvqZVQWBs



If you’re interested in doing an interview or want to do a giveaway of the game, just get in touch. Thank you!

@MikeHergaarden[email protected]