Marooners and Crash Drive 2 released on Nintendo Switch™

Today, February 7, marks the release of our first two Nintendo SwitchTM games! We had a lot of fun working on this new platform and porting the games, so from now on we will keep Switch in mind for future games.

Marooners €12.99:

Crash Drive 2 €7.99:


Marooners is the perfect chaotic couch experience for 1-6 players! Play a wild mix of fun party games as the action regularly switches back and forth – one minute you’re chasing coins across lily pads, next minute you’re dodging giant boulders, then climbing a treacherous ice cave, then back to the lily pads!

Each match continues until every mini-game is finished or only one player remains… can you handle the switcheroo chaos? Join up to 5 friends or bots both on the couch and online. Run, jump and slap your way to victory across 25 different game modes and arenas!

Crash Drive 2

Crash Drive 2 hands you the keys to a crazy collection of vehicles as you explore four vibrant open worlds full of secrets, races, and opportunities for wild stunts! What’s your ride: sports car, hot rod, beach buggy? Or perhaps school bus, monster truck… or tank? Hours of arcade fun as you explore four vibrant open worlds with outrageous scenery!

Join in random competitive events including Coin Collect, King of the Crown, Race, Tag, Stunt and Find the Ring – earn rewards that you can use to unlock new vehicles and worlds. Customize your rides with a huge selection of upgrades, and search for the shady dealer on each world. Play online multiplayer or race with bots in singleplayer.

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