Winner of GGJ14 – Totem Hunters: Turn into a vase

Last weekend I (Mike) participated in the Global Game Jam and I couldn’t be happier with the results: our game Totem Hunters won the first prize and the audience award! Totem Hunters is an online multiplayer game featuring turning into vases and then pushing your friends over the edge into a deep canyon.


Audience award & First prize for Totem Hunters!

What is the Global Game Jam?

The Global Game Jam is a worldwide event in which teams of +- 5 persons create a game in 48 hours. Every year 3000+ games are created in over 100 countries. I joined the Amsterdam site with game dev friends Lukas Hoenderdos, Dylan Nagel, Yorick van Vliet and Berend van Gorkom.

Brainstorm results

Brainstorm results

GGJ14: Totem Hunters

Once the GGJ theme was announced we started brainstorming. We took at least twice as much time to do so compared to my previous years, but this was time very well spent. The remaining 44 hours of development went by in a blur, if we weren’t developing we were either sleeping or quickly eating.

This years theme was a rather vague “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”. We have incorporated this in the hide/ambush tactic of the game: Experienced players will know that the “innocent” vases in the level can be very dangerous players waiting to vase-punch you deep into the canyon.

The further in development the longer our playtests took, not because of any bugs but solely because we had so much fun. We were very proud that the audience and jury agreed which got us the first price and the audience award. Totem Hunters is now automatically nominated for the “Kleine Uil” award later this year, we’re very curious how we’ll match up against the #1 and #2 games of the other GGJ locations in the Netherlands!

The future  of Totem Hunters is yet undecided. In the next couple of days, once everyone has recovered from the weekend, we’ll get our heads together and check if there’s any future for this project.

















Development Time-lapse

The entire weekend has been recorded by my timelapse camera, this is the raw footage of 48 hours development plus the following expo. Can you find the member of our team who has not slept at all?!


Play the game!

The main goal of the game is to bring the Totem from the very left to the very right. Be the first to do this  5 times to win. However, your enemies could be hidden anywere along the way. Any vase could be a transformed opponent waiting to push you over the edge and steal your totem. Being patient can be very rewarding: If you bash while being hidden as a vase you will kick your opponent twice as far which is enough to ensure (s)he will fall a long way down the canyon.

See for yourself and give the game a spin! Grab a friend and play the game here:  

Totem Hunters Poster

Play Totem Hunters!