Wolves on the hunt in Tannenberg historical event!

Will you call a truce to deal with the pack, or try to take advantage of the chaos?

ALKMAAR, THE NETHERLANDS – April 12, 2018 – Blackmill Games and M2H announce a special
historical event for WW1 shooter Tannenberg on April 12 2019, and a 60% s ale the following day!
Ravenous wolves are on the hunt in this limited time historical event for Tannenberg . In the same vein as
the Christmas Truce events held in Verdun in the past, the Wolf Truce will offer a new experience for
players until April 21. Watch the Wolf Truce trailer here:

The Wolf Truce is a limited time special event which will run from April 12 until April 21. To take part in the event no extra steps have to be taken, players just need to play Tannenberg as usual. In any battle over the weekend, and every battle on Winter maps while the event is live there will be a pack of wolves descending on the battlefield, forced by hunger and the chaos of the war to seek human prey. Players on both teams will have to decide amongst themselves whether or not to call a truce to deal with the new threat – but the battle clock will continue ticking, and should one team be in a weaker position they may decide to try and take advantage of the unexpected attack…

Players will be able to earn a special medal if they and every other player can survive a wolf attack without attacking anyone on the opposing team, and Tannenberg will be on sale with a 60% discount on April Saturday 13th – the perfect opportunity for new players to grab the game and join the event!

Historical Wolf Truce
The event is based on historical records – hungry wolves attacking people was a real threat in many areas
of Russia during the war, and there are newspaper reports of soldiers from different sides calling a
temporary ceasefire to deal with wolf attacks. A Russian book roughly translated as The History of Russia
in Faces: Book Two describes a ceasefire to exterminate wolves, while the New York Times went into
more detail on an extraordinary truce in 1917 between German and Russian forces. In Tannenberg we
tried to reenact this remarkable event, where players can choose to hold a truce or fight the wolves

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