After practising game dev for over 4 years, M2H was officially founded in 2009.
We are based in the Netherlands.


 Founded9 January 2009
 Based inAlkmaar, the Netherlands
 Press contactMike & Matt Hergaarden
[email protected]


M2H was officially founded in 2009 after practising game development for over 4 years. We’re a highly efficient game studio. Our development history shows a continuous improvement in the capability of creating high quality games.

Core activities

Creating multi platform games: Web, iPhone, Android and Mac & Windows games. Our specialisations are multiplayer and multi platform games.

Main strength

The ability to find creative solutions and therefore always getting things done. Our main vision is to create games we’d like to play.


Awards & Recognition

  • Dutch game awards, Economic Achievement – Verdun,  2015
  • Dutch game awards, Industry Award – Verdun,  2015
  • “Audience award and First prize winner, Global Game Jam Netherlands” – Paradox in Paradise – http://www.m2h.nl/paradox-in-paradise/, 2015
  • “Audience award and First prize winner, Global Game Jam Amsterdam” – Totem Hunters – http://www.m2h.nl/totem-hunters/, 2014
  • “First prize winner, Global Game Jam Antwerp” – Stacking Island, 2012
  • “First prize winner, Global Game Jam Antwerp” – Vikings and Bankers, 2011



The brothers Matt and Mike Hergaarden make up the core team, however M2H projects are much bigger: we make use of an average 8 freelancers at any given time depending on the projects.

Matt and Mike Hergaarden

Matt and Mike Hergaarden



The logo in 4K resolution.

M2H logo

M2H logo


M2H logo video:

Link to file: M2H logo anim 4k white