Marooners and Crash Drive 2 released on Nintendo Switch™

Today, February 7, marks the release of our first two Nintendo SwitchTM games! We had a lot of fun working on this new platform and porting the games, so from now on we will keep Switch in mind for future games. Marooners €12.99: Crash Drive 2 €7.99: Marooners Marooners is the perfect chaotic couch experience for 1-6 players! […]

Crash Drive 2

Get ready for ridiculous free-roam stunting! Get ready for ridiculous free-roam stunting! Available on: Steam Switch Google Play iOS Go your own way! Speed across gigantic maps featuring ramps, hoops, and bizarre terrain. Score as many points as possible to grab glory and unlock new vehicles, such as buses, muscle cars, and monster trucks. With […]